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State and federal government vaccination requirements vary significantly across the different jurisdictions, with some states mandating vaccination for certain operations and others taking a different approach. As we all understand, this has caused significant dissension across the country with many people not agreeing with mandatory vaccination requirements. We strongly believe that everyone has to make […]

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2019 National Day of Prayer

On Sunday October 27th MMM is holding our 2019 National Day of Prayer.

We encourage all staff, volunteers, and supporters of MMM to find at least 30 minutes on this day to pray for the work of MMM Australia. We encourage everyone to ask your home church to […]

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Black Saturday – 10 Years On

From the CEO’s Desk

Black Saturday as it has been named occurred on this day 10 years ago. It is a day that transformed the lives of many Victorian’s and affected whole communities.

For MMM the devastation and impact of the fires on that day remain with us today, and especially for those directly impacted who continue […]

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From the CEO’s Desk

From the CEO’s Desk

To all MMM Volunteers, Supporters and Staff,

It’s been sometime since I’ve communicated via My CEO’s Desk correspondence, I apologise for the extended period without an update, however my life has been one of a very busy schedule since late January of this year.

In early 2016 we began to seek God over a […]

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A Great Innings!

On Friday December 8th, MMM Australia held our Annual General Meeting at which the finance reports, chairman’s report, and the Chief Executive Officer’s report are presented. It’s a constitutional requirement to hold an annual general meeting of members to provide these reports for the membership to consider. […]

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MMM Australia was nominated in the Community Awards section of the 2017 Whitehorse Business Group awards. The Whitehorse Business Group is sponsored and supported by the Whitehorse City Council (where MMM Australia head office is located). The awards are a highly prestigious recognition of excellence in all areas of business across the City of Whitehorse.

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