On Sunday October 27th MMM is holding our 2019 National Day of Prayer.

We encourage all staff, volunteers, and supporters of MMM to find at least 30 minutes on this day to pray for the work of MMM Australia. We encourage everyone to ask your home church to take just 2 minutes in your service on that Sunday to pray for the work of MMM. To help people pray with clarity, purpose, and direction, we have put together a guide with 10 points to help you focus on our needs.

Prayer isn’t something we do to fill in at MMM. Prayer is the most important thing we can do in MMM. Every aspect of our ministry in MMM needs to immersed in prayer and you can play an important part by committing to pray for the Mission on this day. Thank you for your support.

You can download a copy of the prayer guide by clicking here: Prayer Items – 2019 National Day of Prayer