Over the past 12 weeks the world has seen tensions grow, fear mounting, and in some cases panic take hold as the Corvid-19 virus has spread throughout the world. Australia has in the main had a well measured response and action plan and we have seen minimal impact thus far in real terms from the virus in Australia.

The executive management and Board of MMM Australia has been monitoring the situation and have taken a calm and considered approach to the impact on the staff, volunteers, and stakeholders of MMM in Australia. Our primary concern remains the well being and good health of all of our volunteers and staff.

In our processes of review we have prepared a response  to the pandemic declaration and a pandemic management plan which all of our leadership team have been briefed regarding.
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Our response has been posted on the MMM website and can be viewed and downloaded as needed. Our statement can be viewed though this link:

We continue to believe in a God who can do all things. Our trust is in Him.

There are impacts to our operations and adjustments that will be made through careful and calm consideration. We will as a leadership team review the situation weekly and decisions will be made based on government direction, legislation and medical advice. This is not a time for irrational or rash decisions, but a time for the wisdom of God to work through the heart of man. We urge everyone to pray for our nation, pray for our leaders, and pray for the ongoing work of MMM though this difficult period.

God is greater than any problem we face and we continue to seek his wisdom in every issue faced.

Blessings in God

Terrence Baxter