State and federal government vaccination requirements vary significantly across the different jurisdictions, with some states mandating vaccination for certain operations and others taking a different approach. As we all understand, this has caused significant dissension across the country with many people not agreeing with mandatory vaccination requirements. We strongly believe that everyone has to make their own decision on vaccinations.

As a national organisation, the Board needed to consider the range of requirements imposed by various governments, and also consider at our moral, ethical, and Christian responsibilities. In response, the Board has considered what is written in the Bible in working through the rationale for a vaccinations policy. Some of the key issues considered included caring and loving your neighbour, compliance with laws of the land, and being a positive witness in the community.

This approach has resulted in the development of a policy which has its rationale based on sound scriptural teaching. It allows for freedom of choice by individuals but outlines the organisations responsibility to comply with local requirements. It also takes into account the needs of a local community.

The Board knows that this topic draws out many strong and varied opinions, but as Christians and as a Christian organisation we must ensure that our priority is to love God and then secondly love others as ourselves (John 13: 34-35). This will put our focus where it needs to be, on loving and serving Him. We encourage you to read the attached policy which has been implemented across all MMM Australia operations. Click here to read or download.