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MMM Australia is responding to many changes at the moment in the shifting landscape of the building and maintenance industry in Australia, and also the changing demands of the Christian marketplace.

This response is most noticeably expressed in our partnerships with commercial building companies under the banner of MMM Partner Builders, which allows us to remain compliant with various building codes and regulations and still achieve great outcomes for the Christian organisations we serve.

To request an assistance, please fill out your need and we will be in contact with you soon.

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(Please note that MMM Partner Builders are commercial operations at commercial rates)

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*What funds are available for this work? If possible, can you provide an estimated commercial value for this work?

*If you are seeking volunteer labour from MMM, can you please explain why?

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Can you please tell us about your organisation - a short history, your current ministry and how it engages the community, your hopes for the future and how this facility and our help will assist you in your activities

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What is the address of the property/worksite?

Who is the registered owner of the land/worksite?

If your organization is not the owner, do you have security of Tenure and if so in what form?

If your organization is not the owner of the land/worksite, has the owner given written permission for the proposed work?


Does your organization have Public Liability insurance cover?


If so are you able to provide us with a copy of a Certificate of Currency of this policy?


Has the project been sanctioned or approved by the appropriate level of leadership of your Organisation?



MMM Volunteers and Mobiles

MMM Grace Projects are carried out in partnership with your organisation to help you focus on your mission and purpose and not on your buildings facilities. MMM uses a wide network of local and mobile volunteers to do repairs, maintenance, and smaller renovations work in cities and remote areas across Australia and overseas. For applicants wanting to use our volunteer workers, we have limited numbers of qualified volunteers available to us. Please understand that with the sheer volume of requests received and the limited number of volunteer resources to meet the demand of applications, they cannot always be done immediately. We do our best!

MMM Partner Builders

MMM Partner Builders provide building, renovation and construction services which are beyond the compliance or capabilities of the MMM Australia Missions organisation. Partner Builders are registered building practitioners who we know to be Christian, who run their business both ethically and responsibly and are willing to allow MMM Volunteer to work alongside (where practical) to minimize the cost of necessary commercial work.

Where MMM cannot take on your building project we will discuss the MMM Partner Builders option with you and explore how we can work with you, and our Partner Builders to keep the costs of a commercial building contract as low as possible.