Experience an MMM
Missions Awareness Tour
to Thailand

Experience the famous Thailand culture and engage with the Thai people
See and experience some of MMM’s achievements in Thailand
Participate in an MMM Project in Chiang Rai province

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Interested in a
Missions Awareness Tour?

  • This is a guided tour including 4 days on an MMM project
  • All travel, accommodation and most meals are included
  • Experience first hand the culture of Thailand
  • Each tour accommodates 8 to 10 people
  • The MAT experience will be life changing


MMM Australia intends to run Mission Awareness Tour to Thailand, twice a year.
Broadly scheduled March/April and October/November. Contact MMM on specific details on individual MAT schedules and dates.

These times of the year have been chosen to coincide with the more cooler months in Thailand.

Visa Requirements
There is no need to apply for a Visa for Thailand before you travel. For Australian passport holders visas are issued at the border in Thailand. You will be traveling as a tourist.

Passport Requirements
Thailand operates a modern border control system where all current passports are accepted. You will need a passport with a minimum of 6 months before expiry to be able to enter Thailand.

Medical Needs
Thailand has a reasonably modern medical system which can cater for just about anything. You should ensure you have adequate Travel Insurance to cover you for any medical emergency which may arise. Travel insurances will be your own responsibility.

We recommend all travelers are protected against disease and infection as recommended by your personal medical practitioner. Malaria, hepatitis, cholera, Japanese encephalitis are suggested immunizations you should discuss with your doctor. We recommend personal insect repellent as a must!

Northern Thailand is a warm temperate climate where humidity can be high. Lite durable clothing is recommended along with personal sun protection and sturdy & comfortable footwear. You will be required to wear enclosed footwear on MMM project sites.

Thailand has a varied cuisine including meats, fish, vegetables, and rice. They enjoy a variety of spices in their cooking which vary from very mild to very strong. Chiang Rai has a variety of western restaurants that cater for all tastes. Street markets and local cafe’s are generally safe to eat at so you’ll get to enjoy the best of Thai culture and their culinary delights if you choose to.

We estimate an all-inclusive cost of $3,200 per person (maximum) for the tour. This includes cost coverage for the MAT Host, and a contribution to support the work of MMM in Thailand. We try to negotiate hotel costs which include daily breakfast, and have included most lunches and dinner expenses in the overall costing. Some lunch and dinner arrangements will be left to you to arrange.

Please note that whilst estimates are based on careful calculations there may be some variance with changes in exchange rates, hotel rates, and airfares.

The days indicated below are indicative only and may vary depended on specific dates of travel.

Day 1

  • Travel to Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand.
  • Check in to local hotel

Day 2 & 3

  • Visit to local Missions Sites
  • Dinner with MMM Thailand Team

Day 4 & 5

    • Work on a local MMM project

Day 6

  • Local Sight seeing; Do Mai Sa Long, Golden Triangle, Mae Sai, Myanmar Border Crossing
  • Dinner @ street markets

Day 7

  • Local Church Service & local sight seeing
  • Dinner – Do your own thing

Day 8 & 9

  • Work on a local MMM project
  • Farewell Dinner

Day 10/11

  • Travel back to Australia