Welcome to a new year with the MMM Prayer Network. Our first edition of PrayerForce for 2022 is here for you.

Even in the middle of the global pandemic we have so much to be thankful for through God’s provision and grace, and we have so much to bring before Him in our needs. In this first edition for 2022 of PrayerForce our National Prayer Coordinator (Robyn Fedrick) asks the question “Who Do You Trust?” It’s a challenging question that leads us to the only true answer!

Our usual 20 key prayer points for February starts with the challenge of praying for the planning and establishment of project schedules, and the safety and wellbeing of our teams as they continue though these Covid-19 days. It takes us through important prayer needs to bring before our Jehovah Jirah (our provider) and leads us to a wonderful praise point for the provision of a Grant to assist with the replacement of two vehicles in Victoria.

In the midst of this we are reminded from Isaiah 33:22 that “the Lord is our King, it is He who will save us”.

You can download your copy of this PrayerForce here.