The October 2020 edition of PrayerForce is available for you to download by clicking here.

In this most impacting of times we need people to pray like never before. We encourage you to download the PrayerForce PDF and use it every day to pray for MMM across our nation and around the world.

We invite you to join with our Prayer fellowship groups which meet electronically via Zoom or in person where current restrictions allow. If you’re not sure when or how? contact our National Prayer Coordinator via email today ( for more information.

MMM in Victoria is waiting for restrictions to ease so they can get working on the many projects on hold. Please pray that they will be able to proceed soon and that lots of volunteers will make themselves available so that these projects can be completed.Our National Day of Prayer will be held on Sunday 04th October 2020, please join us in prayer. If you or your church can pray for us on that Sunday please let us know by dropping a quick email to . A prayer guide is available.

Thanks for your Prayers.