This special edition of MMM TeamNews has been put together in the midst of the greatest crisis our country (and the world) has seen since the second would war. COVID-19 has impacted over 185 countries, with millions infected and tens of thousands killed directly from the virus. Many would say that the seasonal influenza virus’ kill many more each year, however the potential impact of this virus is what has alerted the nations around the world.

This TeamNews covers the impact on MMM Operations and a look at how we can continue, including the important question “How can I help?

We’ve also had a quick look at people around the nation including a welcome to our new Board member Dale Stevens. As always our TeamNews is wrapped up with an article from Robyn Fedrick our National Prayer Coordinator where she encourages us to pray like never before. Prayer is the cornerstone of our mission, and in these times of social isolation Robyn has been working hard on finding ways for everyone to pray together – even when we are apart.

You can download a copy of this special edition of TeamNews by clicking here.