With decades of building, renovation and repair experience MMM has learnt that prevention is better than cure. MMM Maintain is a division of MMM Australia offering a scheduled maintenance service that seeks to serve Churches and organisations through extensive building and facility inspections.

Inspections cover all aspects of your building including:

  • plumbing and gas supply,
  • roofing and guttering,
  • electrical assessment,
  • structural assessment,
  • cladding of the building interior and exterior,
  • painting requirements
  • general building compliance issues

All this is presented in a comprehensive report detailing an organisations buildings needs for the future.
Inspections are about assisting missions and churches in preventative maintenance rather than extensive, and often expensive, work that often creeps in unnoticed. MMM Is then able to offer the corrective and preventative services if the Church or mission so desires.

MMM Maintain is about assisting the church as efficiently as possible regarding their building and facilities care.