MMM Partner Builders is a trial program for MMM commenced in mid 2016 to assist Christian Churches and Organisations throughout Australia with commercial scale building projects that are beyond the capabilities of MMM Volunteer projects.

Compliance and cash-flow issues prevent a missions organisation like MMM from operating a commercial enterprise to facilitate major building projects. We have sought building companies that are run by Christian Builders, that have a strong history of good ethical administration, that deliver quality projects for their clients. We seek to partner with these builders to deliver the best most economical outcome for our clients.

Wherever possible MMM partners in the project delivery as a volunteer “sub-contractor” to complete components of the building project using our volunteer workforce who work under the direct control of the Builders. The costed components of this work is then removed from the overall cost of the project to the advantage of the client and at no cost to the Builders.

Contact MMM National Office for more details.