MMM Associates Programme

The term MMM Associate was derived in the very earliest years for the programme of Volunteer’s in all their various forms within MMM Australia (as we now know it). The initial programme was established under the direction of John Walder, one of the original co-founders of MMM and a founding director.

The original Associates programme was established within the first 4 years of MMM’s establishment as a method of engaging identity and purpose for MMM Volunteers as they linked in with the vision and goals of a fledgling ministry. John Walder drew upon the experiences of his work on a similar programme at Wycliffe Bible Translators (Australia). It is significant to note that the Wycliffe Associates programme is still operating today albeit not in the original structure or format. With careful fine tuning over the years Wycliffe Associates have adapted with a changing culture to remain functional and relevant to a much advanced organisation.

A world of opportunities is available to MMM Associates to serve, to go, to see, and to do!

Serving those who serve is the maxim for MMM as we seek to help Christian organisations across Australia and around the world with repairs, maintenance, and construction of their facilities. With over 40 years of missions experience MMM has worked on building projects for orphanages, schools, churches, missions organisations, and support agencies around the world.

MMM Associates are the heart and soul of our Mission, volunteering in areas of service where your gifts and talents can make a real difference and where you can find a purpose and fulfilment in Christian mission whilst still being an active part of your local church.

Many ways to serve

MMM Associates contribute in a variety of ways, whatever your skills or interests are we can find ways for you to serve in the areas where you feel comfortable and inspired.

Project Volunteers – On The Road

MMM Project volunteers are out and about on MMM work projects in your local area, in your region, or right across Australia. You can even work in other countries on MMM projects.

Prayer Team – On Your Knee’s

MMM Prayer Teams support every aspect of our Mission by praying, praying, and praying. Nothing blesses a project team more than a call from an MMM Prayer partner letting them know they are praying for them and for the project.

Admin Volunteer – On A Desk

MMM Admin volunteers work in lots of different administrative roles helping co-ordinate and run all areas of the Mission. We can train you and help you to help others from the desktop.

Fundraising Volunteer – On The Tins

MMM Fundraising volunteers assist in a variety of great events to help raise the funds that keep our Mission on the move. This is one of the most rewarding areas of volunteer work at MMM.

MMM Ambassador – On The Stage

MMM Ambassadors tell others about the work and the needs of MMM. Working with our region leaders the Ambassadors visit churches and conferences to present the MMM story and to talk with interested people about how they can ‘serve those who serve.’

It starts with you.

There are many areas and many ways to serve through MMM. It starts with you, and your commitment to get involved today.

Get involved today

Whether you have a few hours each week, or a few months each year you can commit to volunteering with MMM by chatting with your regional MMM representative, applying to become an MMM Associate, and getting involved today. One thing we can guarantee – You will open up a world of opportunities!