MMM has been providing skilled volunteer tradesmen and handymen to work on facilities used in Christian service – housing for pastors and missionaries, campsite accommodation and recreational facilities, church buildings and offices, Mission Organisations facilities and offices since its beginning. We have worked on schools, medical facilities, low cost housing, orphanages – anything that is used in Gospel proclamation.

Many of these applicant organisations do not have the skills or financial resources to do the work at commercial rates – and so MMM provides labor at little or no cost to the organisation. MMM is a faith based organisation that relies on the gracious donations from individuals and organisations, if you’re planning a project that MMM might assist you with we ask you to consider a donation to support the work of MMM.

Relying on our staff, Associates and volunteers, MMM is able to help many organisations and churches who find they are in need of practical assistance without the resources to meet their building needs. MMM also has mobile teams that can reach most parts of Australia.

With Grace projects, recipients of the work often are able to financially contribute to MMM to assist our operational expenses and allow MMM to continue to assist others. Because of this, MMM blesses many people and mission organisations assisting with the spread of the Gospel.

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