Our Mission

“MMM exists to spread the Gospel by building, renovating and maintaining facilities used in Christian outreach. It supports and encourages Christian work and workers while creating awareness of global missions and challenging people to become involved”

Get your hands dirty!

If you thought you had to be qualified in theology, medicine or education to be any use on the mission field, we’ve got a news flash for you!

God can use your practical skills to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

That’s right, if you’re a ‘do-er’ – someone who likes to get out there, get involved and get your hands dirty – then you’re just the kind of person we need to serve God by building, renovating and maintaining facilities used in Christian outreach.

Serving God is not just about preaching, teaching and healing – you can be just as effective by wielding a hammer or a paintbrush.

You should see the faces of church members when one of our teams turns up to paint their dilapidated old church building…for nothing! Or the smiles of children when they walk into their new classroom facilities for the first time. And imagine the improvement to people’s quality of life when you help MMM provide low-cost housing to their struggling communities.

After seeing things like that, you’ll never again doubt your ability to make a difference!

As well as the obvious benefits you’ll bring with your practical skills, you’ll also be encouraging the people who are working every day in Christian missions around the world. You’ll build new friendships and get a real sense of direction and purpose as you work alongside these people to help them get the job done.

And, by joining us, you’ll be making your family, friends and others aware of global missions, and challenging them to find ways to use their skills and gifts to become involved in God’s work.

Our Vision

“To see the Church operate with adequate facilities for people of every nation, people and language to worship the living God, and to see believers empowered, equipped and mobilized to fulfill the Great Commission.”

What it’s all about…

Our vision is to see God’s work around the world supported by adequate facilities which help people become empowered, equipped and mobilised to fulfill the ‘Great Commission’.

In doing this work, we follow important core values:

  • Partnership
  • Teamwork
  • Excellence
  • Love
  • Servanthood
  • Prayer
  • Ecnouragement
  • A global world view
  • Empowerment
  • Dependence on God

The work we do at MMM is an important ‘building block’ in helping people of every nation, culture and language worship the living God.

MMM’s ministry is all about people. Men and women of all ages work together at MMM, bringing a range of skills, abilities and gifts which blend to create a combined team ministry.

Our ministry is a practical demonstration of our spiritual commitment. Our work is the love of God demonstrated in a practical way and it is a ministry that is built on the firm foundation of prayer.

Whether your involvement is for a day, a weekend, a few weeks or longer, you will be able to make an important contribution to projects which help equip and empower God’s people to do His work…discovering life’s beauty and diversity, and growing in your own faith along the way.