“the end of an era”

We’re about to say goodbye to some wonderful people who have worked very hard on achieving great outcomes for clients. In November 2015 the Board of MMM made the very tough decision to close the activities of MMM Build and wind up its operations. You can read an open letter from Board chairman Shane prior here.

Rob Dux IISAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESNelia CamaraMaaike NaudeFrank Mugisha

Darren PerryWarren HillSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIan Dawson

Over the six years that the MMM Build venture was operating we have many wonderful people working with the MMM Team who have made us laugh, made us proud, and made us love them simply by their wonderful spirit and preparedness  to “give it a go”.  Rob Dux, Rob Saunders, and their team have been faithful in striving for excellence and mutually beneficial outcomes for clients and MMM in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland.

It’s our prayer and desire that both these wonderful men, and their staff are not forgotten by MMM, and that they will stay engaged with the work and mission of MMM Australia. We will be praying for them and the entire team as they move on to other ventures, and I encourage you to pray with us. All of the people involved with MMM Build over the last 7 years have given their all to the work of not only MMM Build but also to MMM Australia. Pray that God prospers the work of their hands and that they will experience the ongoing blessing of God on their lives, and for their families. Pray for the people involved as they move forward from this time.

These few images are a brief look and tribute to the people, their efforts, and outstanding work they have done.  From all at MMM Australia “Thank you” to each and every one.

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