For a long time now we have been searching for a very special person, someone with a unique talent and a willingness to serve. We’ve been praying for the right person to be inspired by God to volunteer is the specific area of supporting the On-Line aspects of MMM Australia’s communications and promotions.

Sarah Boswell

In August this year Sarah Boswell contacted our CEO Terrence Baxter wanting to volunteer in some capacity with MMM. Sarah was following in the footsteps of her Grandfather – Gordon

Hutchinson, a long-time volunteer and MMM Associate. After a brief chat with Sarah it was evident to Terrence where her passion and skill lay, Social Media! It’s amazing how God works, and how he inspires people to get involved and serve.

So I’m very happy to introduce to the broader MMM community Sara Boswell. Sarah has been preparing and getting set up over the past month or so to take on the role as Social Media specialist for MMM Australia. She will be responsible for an increasing presence through Facebook, and also for key articles and updates to our website.

This is an area of key development and growth for MMM, and Sarah has come along at the most opportune time to share the load of social media content for all things MMM Australia. A huge THANK YOU Sarah for you willingness to serve and for your availability, I’m sure we will be seeing and hearing much more from you in the coming months and years.

Welcome aboard Sarah!