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concretingMMM Australia is responding to many changes at the moment in the shifting landscape of the building and maintenance industry in Australia, and also the changing demands of the Christian marketplace. This response is most noticeably expressed in the creation of a commercial building company called MMM Build, which will help support all of MMM Australia’s operations.

MMM Build Pty Ltd

MMM Build offers building, renovation and maintenance services, and will commercially quote for the work and use sub-contracted tradesmen as our labour, as well as a full design service if you are at the begining of the building process. This gives us a greater opportunity to respond to and complete the larger scale work that comes to us with speed, professionalism and integrity.

MMM Volunteers and Mobiles

MMM will continue to use local and mobile volunteers to do smaller renovations and maintenance work in cities and remote areas. For applicants wanting to use our volunteer workers, we have limited numbers of qualified volunteers available to us. So while we are still accepting these applications, they cannot always be done immediately. 

If you require building and maintenance assistance from either MMM Build tradesmen or MMM volunteers please complete the form below, and we will contact you shortly and discuss your needs.

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