About Us

If you’re looking for a practical way to serve God and help people throughout Australia and around the world, you can do exactly that with MMM!

Through MMM, teams of tradesmen and professionals are working to help build up the kingdom of God – brick by brick, stone by stone, project by project – as we support ministries across the world.

It’s the kind of stuff that literally changes lives…and you can be part of it!

About MMM

MMM is a mission organisation operating throughout Australia and our neighbouring countries. We support Christian ministries by providing building, maintenance and other practical services.

While we do the practical stuff: design, build, engineer, repair, paint, patch and generally make sure buildings and facilities are up to scratch, the ministries we support can get on with the vital work they are called by God to do.

And that makes a real difference to people’s lives!

We have served in over 30 countries throughout the South Pacific, South-East Asia and parts of Africa, helping a whole range of people involved in a wide variety of ministries. These include health, education, outreach, evangelism and church planting ministries, local church work and other faith missions.

As a mission, we are made up of a large number of members and associate members, volunteers and staff – all working tirelessly to see projects completed and God’s Gospel proclaimed. We do this work through 4 legs of ministry:

This dedicated team is overseen by our CEO, Terrence Baxter, and the MMM Australia Board. Read More

So if you’re a practical person who wants to serve God and enjoy a life-changing experience, MMM is the place for you.

Come, give MMM a call, and join us as we get on with God’s work.

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Visual Standards

Are you looking for MMM logo versions for use in publications? Then visit the MMM Visual Standards website where you can read about usage guidelines and download logo variations. Access to this requires a login so please contact MMM for access details. http://visualstandards.mmm.org.au/...Continue reading »

Building On A Solid Foundation

You can’t build a great building without a solid foundation and you can’t build a ministry like MMM without the proper base and structure, either. It all started in 1975, when Mobile Mission Maintenance was established to provide practical, hands-on support for isolated missionaries in outback ...Continue reading »

Our Mission

“MMM exists to spread the Gospel by building, renovating and maintaining facilities used in Christian outreach. It supports and encourages Christian work and workers while creating awareness of global missions and challenging people to become involved” Get your hands dirty! If you thought you ...Continue reading »

Our Vision

"To see the Church operate with adequate facilities for people of every nation, people and language to worship the living God, and to see believers empowered, equipped and mobilized to fulfill the Great Commission." What it’s all about… Our vision is to see God’s work around the world su...Continue reading »